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The latest PVC technologies

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Eco-engineering PVC

21 years of operation

Plastics play a key role in various industries, such as the automotive industry and the production of electrical switchboards. They have a significant impact on many areas of the economy, as well as the potential for multiple uses, which contributes to minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment.

At Anplast, a company with full commitment to ecological issues, we focus on sustainable practices while responding to the needs of entrepreneurs. Our activities focus on both the production and recycling of PVC sheets, including both solid and co-extruded forms. Thanks to this, we not only provide high-quality products, but also actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. We offer innovative solutions, ensuring harmony between technological progress and environmental protection.


By choosing Anplast, you invest in an ecological future and gain a partner who always keeps up with the times while taking care of our planet.

Solid and co-extruded PVC sheets

Our advanced and modern technical facilities are the key to effective production. Equipped with advanced machines for crushing, powdering and producing PVC sheets, it allows us to flexibly adapt to the various needs of our customers. We have specialized tools that allow us to produce various sheet formats, providing products of the highest quality.

Additionally, we have spacious warehouse areas, which allows us to effectively manage inventory and quickly process even the largest orders. Our warehouse structure has been designed to optimize logistics processes, which guarantees quick and efficient product turnover.

Thanks to this comprehensive approach, our company not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. By choosing our services, you invest in efficiency, flexibility and reliability of deliveries, which positively affects your satisfaction and satisfaction with our cooperation.

We cordially invite you to cooperate! We are available at 720797947 or 720707908.


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