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Recycling of PVC waste

Reprocessing recycled plastic is a process that requires much less investment than producing new material. This saving is important for environmental protection because it contributes to a significant reduction in the amount of waste generated.

We believe that every plastic packaging or post-production or construction waste can become a full-fledged, useful product thanks to our work. 

Find out why it is worth trusting specialists from Anplast when it comes to recycling PVC and other materials.

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A new life for plastics

What may be worthless waste to one person may be a valuable resource to another. Therefore, we focus on bringing life back to plastics.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge, experience and appropriate authorizations, we are able to effectively process waste. Our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic items on our planet by giving them a new purpose. This benefits both nature and people. 

Waste collection


As a manufacturer of plastic products, we are well aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Pollution of the natural environment resulting from the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills is an issue that worries us. The implementation of further productions may only deepen this problem.

Therefore, our company undertakes this responsibility with full awareness, looking for alternative solutions. Our goal is to be actively involved in recycling artificial materials.

We collect waste from hard and foamed PVC, unplasticized. Regarding recycling of other plastics, please contact our specialists.


Waste booklet


Information for customers

BDO system and Waste Transfer Card.


Before issuing a KPO card, it is necessary to contact our company to confirm the waste code and determine the planned transport date and the registration number of the vehicle that will perform the service.


More information in the booklet.


Information for customers


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